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At United Waterproofing, our mission is simple: to provide superior basement waterproofing products and services to all of our customers.


United respects you and your home and stands behind its company warranty. We offer a 100% LIFETIME TRANSFERABLE WARRANTY. You work with us the entire time *NO SUBCONTRACTORS, NO INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS.



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Water in basements is a typical problem faced by many homeowners. The problem can be created in a number of ways. For example, poorly constructed foundation walls can cause a problem. If a house is build in an area with a high water table, then when the water table rises the foundation walls can allow the water to come into a basement due to the pressure created by the water. Unforeseen flooding conditions can occur that allow water to enter a basement. Other conditions can create basement water problems as well.


Of course, the pressure exerted by the water can cause great damage. For example, once the water gets inside a basement it can cause great damage inside the basement. The water can damage the contents of the basement. The water can also cause the formation of mold which can be very harmful to health and very costly to re-mediate. The water can also cause damage to a foundation of a house or building.


Different systems and methods have been used to try to correct the problem. For example, sump pumps have been used to try to pump water that has entered a basement or a hole in the basement floor out of the basement. However, each of the systems and methods fail to satisfactorily fix the problem.



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United Waterproofing of New Jersey has over one million dollars in equipment, to make sure that every appointment and schedule job is done on time!


United Waterproofing guarantees the areas waterproofed to be free from water leakage as long as you own the property and is transferable to one additional Owner.

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